Promote Your Beats

We're still getting things rolling, but if you'd like to do business with us - contact us.

- If you'd like to upload your beats to our site, let us know and we'll give em' a listen and most likely add them. Right now, they'll get front page attention until we can beef the site up. Best part, is it's free publicity for your beats.


- If you'd like to have your own page within our site we are offering 2 alternative:

1) $10 and we'll give you a page for your music, but it'll be basic - a page that's just your instrumentals.

2) $50 and we'll give you a page that is customized.


- If you'd like to promote your clothing products, graffiti, mixtapes, or other relevant products/services (like studio time, etc.), contact us and we'll get down to discussing business.


Either way, thanks for checking us out.

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